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Sunday, 25 December 2011

How To Get Cracks and Serials to Any Program using Craagle

All free serials in one tool. The Best way to find Cracks, Serial Numbers and KeyGgens. Search and find serials to unlock your software.

How many time you spent searching for serials over google, passing from sites to sites to find the one.. It Sucks..!! It really do... So, here i want to show you the best and easyest way to find cracks, serial numbers, key generators (keygen), product keys, CD keys or passwords to register your program, application or software.

Craagle is a free search engine that allows users to search every sort of cracks, serials, keys, keygen and covers, without falling into sh*t, like annoying toolbars, pop-ups, spyware, ad-ware and mal-ware that the crack sites or search sites abundant with.

* Crack Sites Supported :

Cracks.Am, KeyGen.Us, AllCracks.Net, Andr.Net, Crack.Ms,Crackz.Ws, CrackArchive.Com, CrackDb.Com, CrackzPlanet.Com,CrackWay.Com, MsCracks.Com, CrackPortal.Com, TheCracks.Us,KeyGen.Ru

* Serial Sites Supported :

Seriall.Com, FreeSerials.Com, SerialSite.Com, Serials.Ws, Andr.Net, SerialKey.Net, SerialArchive.Com, CrackzPlanet.Com,MsCracks.Com, CrackPortal.Com, KeyGen.Name, TheKeys.Ws,FreeSerials.Ws, FreeSerials.Spb.Ru, Serial.220volt.Info,SerialCodes.Net

* Cover Site Supported :

CoverTarget.Com, CoverAll.Come.To, CoverIsland.Com

It works by doing the searching the cracks, serials or album covers directly from Craagle program without the need to visit the websites. Craagle has added advantage of able to search for cover images or graphics for CD, DVD, audio, games and etc.

You can also use a proxy to bypass Day Limit for some sites.You can download it from here.


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