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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Genuine your Windows for latest update

Today,i am going to tell you how to genuine your unregistered windows OS,by which you found the latest update from Microsoft and enhance the security and other features of the Windows.
This work for the Windows Vista and 7

For download the tool click here
Open the tool you see a window like given below...

Click on the 'Select Task' and you see the new window like given below...

Go to 'Please Select' option and choose your any brand name.
After that Click on the "Activate slic Present" and Wait after some time a new window open just choose anything.
After doing that click on 'Install information 32bit' or 'Install information 64bit' according to your operating system.
Now click 'Hazar option 2' after some time a option come for restart your computer ,then reboot your system.
Go to MyComputer property and check,your OS done genuine.


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