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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hide Windows Partition Without Software

I am going tell a trick by which you hide your Windows hard disk partition without any use of software.
For this trick I am use the MS DOS (Command Prompt).Microsoft make the MS DOS for Command Line Instruction.I think every person whose that use the Windows know very well about Command Prompt.
If we say about hackers,Windows registry(regedit) and MS DOS always favourite features in Windows.
So.I am again use the MS DOS for hide the Windows Drive .
1: Go to 'RUN' and type 'cmd' by which command prompt open. Type 'Diskpart' and press ENTER key like given below...
By doing it Diskpart come into Global Configuration Mode.
2: Type 'list volume' like given below...

By this you see all present partion of the Windows.
3:Type 'select volume _' in blank space you fill the partion drive alphabet which you want hide.For example i am choose the partion 'E' like given below...

You see a astrix in front of choose partion which means your selection lock.
4: Type 'remove letter _' fill the blank space with selected partion alphabet,In my case i am write 'E' like given below picture...

After press Enter Key you see message of successfully remove drive, given next command
'list volume' and it shown the hide partion like above picture.You go to MyComputer and see the hide drive.
5: For found the hide partion type 'assign letter _' in place of blank type the choose partition alphabat and press Enter Key,in my case i am write 'E' like given below...

Go to MyComputer and see again.


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