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Friday, 9 December 2011

How to Install Windows Live Essentials in Windows 7?

AS you start using Windows 7, you find out that a few of the good Windows applications are not there. It is very easy to take care of that. You can install Windows Live Essentials in Windows 7 and so get your desired Microsoft applications in your computer
. You should install Windows Live Essentials in Windows 7 as Microsoft has not added a number of former applications e.g. Photo Gallery, Messenger and Mail in Windows 7. Jointly called the Windows Live Essentials, the group consists of Family Safety, toolbar, Writer, Mail, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery and Messenger. This group of applications is now accessible by a simple additional download.   Microsoft has done this in order to renovate as well as make progress in those features and not disturbing the foundation of Windows 7.
To install Windows Live Essentials in Windows 7 and thus get the Microsoft applications, you have to follow these steps:
Click on the Start button.
Go to Getting Started in the Start menu.
Choose Get Windows Live Essentials. 

The Windows Live page will appear. Choose your language and click on the Download button. 

Check the boxes of the MS programs you want to install. These include Movie Maker, Photo Gallery, Mail and Messenger. Additional feature of Family Safety as well as a Toolbar can also be installed.

 Click Install to download.  
You will see this progress screen as the selections are being installed.  It will take time according to the number of programs you have selected.

You can find the installed programs in the Start menu under Windows Live.

When you install Windows Live Essentials in Windows 7, you will as well get an extensive variety of additional components associated with the key applications. The users will find out that the Essentials installer will furthermore install .NET Framework, Microsoft Sync Framework Services, Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime, Search Enhancement Pack, Windows Live Sync, Direct3D 9, Microsoft Application Error Reporting etc.


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