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Saturday, 24 December 2011

How To Send a Self Deleting SMS

Basically this technique is called SAFE-TEXT. It's a technique where a message destroys itself after being read. If you want to call it the Data-centric Suicide Message, that's fine too. This is a website that allows you to send such type of sms for free of cost after registering on it. But it has limitation that you can send only 10 SMS a day.

So here's the thing. With Wikileaks on one side and British libel law on the other, there's room for a tool that lets you say what needs to be said, but without it falling into the wrong hands in the process.

What it does is allow you to send an expletive-laden opinion of your boss to a co-worker, or an it's-in-the-public's-interest-to-know-this leak to your friend on the Guardian (or Wired), without it having a chance to be read by said boss, or unsaid MP.

Note: This trick should only work for British mobile network operators.

Here’s how to use it:
1. To register and activate, text WIRED to 83118 (charged at your standard network rate). You’ll   be able to send up to 10 messages daily.
2. If you’re the sender, the message will show your name and number.
    Write your libel-ridden hate speech and hit send.
3.The receiver will then be sent a text telling them they have been sent a Wired Safe Text with a link to the mobile internet site that hosts your message.
4. When they click through they will activate Safe Text. They will only have a few seconds to read the text (so don’t make it too long) before it self-destructs.


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