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Thursday, 22 December 2011

How To Speed Up My Internet Connection with Google Public DNS

A guide to getting more out of your internet connection without switching.

If you are looking to increase your internet speed without any expensive software then you came to right place. I will tell you how to increase your internet speed up to 50%-60 % with few clicks. I have applied this trick to my GPRS dial-up connection and my internet connection speed increased to almost double.
Here I will show you how to get fastest speed to load your websites by the using of Google public DNS. Domain Name System (DNS) is a database system that translates a computer’s fully qualified domain name into an IP address. For example, when you type pc-tips-hacks.blogspot.com in web browser then DNS translate pc-tips-hacks.blogspot.com to computer readable number known as IP address and when computer knows about the IP location of web domain name it simply opens website in the browser.
Our ISP (Internet Service Provider) provide their DNS which are located at router. Sometimes DNS server of ISP is very slow then it takes so much time to find out the web address and open the website. To solve this problem you can replace your ISP’s DNS service with Google Public DNS by changing the settings of the network connection.

1) Go to Start -> Control Panel

2) Click on Network Connections in Control Panel

3) Right click on Local Area Connection and then click on Properties

4) Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click on properties

5) Select Use the following DNS server addresses in filed Preferred DNS server type and in Alternate DNS server type

Hope this tutorial was useful for you.


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