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Monday, 23 January 2012


The addition of widgets and accessories on the blog pages are fun and make the blog page will look very beautiful. But did you know there are some things to avoid on your blog page to make it look more professional. Why should pageviews Professional? to answer this very varied a clear answer from me is an abstract display issues, you know the appearance of the page with a good user interface is the main thing, nothing in this world who look at is the first appearance if the first impression is not clear either will adversely affect to visitors of your blog. the reality is the assessment of each person varies and is relatively but not one of us of trying to go towards perfection.

Still remember a few months ago when my first time to create a blog. Lots of widgets and accessories that I put on my blog page, after I think about it for what it all if there is no relationship at all with my blog and do not ever think that my blog look professional because achieving these goals is not easy and takes time . to answer all the above I will share tips on how to make your blog page look fuller and professional look and what to avoid on your blog page.

17 tips for blog pages look more professional:

1. Check the pages on several different web browser: Display your page is so beautiful in firefox browser but not necessarily good in the browsers IE or Opera or other browsers. Remember that your blog visitors do not just use one browser only. for that you are trying to do the checking with a different browser, eg: Firefox, Flock, Mozilla, IE, Opera, Safari.

2. Color choices on the blog: Selection of color is easy bother it all depends on taste blog owner. Do not be too selfish, choose colors according to the theme of your blog. try if you think your blog about religion with a choice of black, looks weird is not it! mostly black and more likely to site-themed underground.

3. Avoid Installing the Clock: Ask yourself what's the point put the clock on your blog, if only as a reminder of time or to beautify the page should not have used, what is the point at the taksbar windows. which obviously will make your pages load more weight.

4. Avoid tide calendar: What use windows calendar? people need information from your blog not want to see the calendar. just a calendar information I mean the general calendar, different calendar featuring a post (usually widely used wordpress users)

5. Avoid pairs of the number of visitors remains: if your blog just do not use the number of visitors (counter), this will result in a bad rating on your blog. although for some counter service providers to provide facilities to manipulate and increase the number of visitors it manually, you try to think the newly created blog has reached 100,000 visitors what is possible?.

6. Do not click on ads pleading for the request: avoid the word "click the ads below," or any language that asks your visitors to click on ads. until now there are some blogs that do that (sorry if your blog is included in this case) who's in this world who like to be governed, Without you menyuruhpun visitors will click on these ads if for they are deemed useful .

7. Do not put ads scattered: Ads that many are very profitable, but not to the content of your page just ads and commercials. Advertise reasonable course and do you know guests are very uncomfortable with the ads that are seemingly beyond the capacity of the contents of your blog page.

8. Avoid put the song on his blog: In addition to making a blog page featuring the song weight rather impressed unprofessional and forgiveness rather impressed in the past (old school). No matter if you blog about music or a personal blog but to block wealthy business less suitable.

9. Displays the status of IP visitors: Blog khan you are not a spy program?, So it better not be installed so that visitors do not feel spied on.

10. Install widgets that do not exist hubunganganya with the blog: Adding widgets is fun but if nothing seems strange even to your blog. install widgets only as needed.

11. Do not just Copy-Paste: I do not forbid you to do Copy-Paste, if it is done should also fix the script code, appreciate the efforts the writer actually because if you just copy-paste the writing is not going to look neat and not excluded the possibility that the image will appear.

12. Note the punctuation: Watch your writing whether it is correct punctuation. Error in just a semicolon will result in having a different meaning.

13. Do not use large images: Image indeed beautify your pages, large images even be a boomerang for loading your page. Clear your blog will definitely be ignored for a while when loading the page is running.

14. Check Dead links: Links that have died would not like the reader, do not you readers search engines do not like this. Make a check dead links as often as possible, many tools on the Internet that can perform this task.

15. Not too many other people post the article: It will get a bad response from readers, because readers would be better to read kesumbernya think directly.

16. Always put the name of the source of the article: Blog a professional always appreciate the hard work of others, which clearly put the name of the source does not harm you out a bit contrary appreciation for the efforts of others is what makes you look more professional.

17. How to respond to a good comment: Do not ever be patronizing, appreciate all the comments with wise though there are some annoying comments. Remember! blogs where people pour all the ideas and thoughts so everyone would have a different opinion.

18.Visiting flip comment to the blog that your article.why is it included in thecalculation,, yes because the guests will expect his blog on the go againWell never mind what counting his friendship count ..

19.Good Luck I hope your blog be a professional Blog..

Some posts above I got from some reliable sources and some of them are my personal thoughts based on my experiences. Thanks to Cosa Arandaon some of his best tips.


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