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Monday, 23 January 2012


In order for your blog can be known by others, then the first step you should do is to promote the blog. As for how to promote your blog, I divide into two, namely how online and offline.

How online promotion

1.through to email
Each time you send an email, do not forget to always include or insert your blog address in it.

2.through to Mailing List
Come and join the mailing list (mailing list), then do not forget to always include your blog address in it.

Chatting is a good tool for promotion. Try to link your blog and ask them to visit him.

4.Do it Guest Blogging
Often visiting other blogs and comment on it but do not forget to insert your blog address in the comment.

5.Giva for Free Blog Templates
If you are adept at creating a template, then try to create a nice template and paste your blog address in the footer of his, and then share these templates for free at your blog visitors or acquaintances.

6.through Search Engine
Surveys prove that most other people's blogs to know us is through search engines (search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others). The way for your blog quickly detected by the search engines is that you must register first blog to search engines that you want.

through Banner exchange 7.
You can do a banner exchange with other blogs to promote activities. To make a banner for free can visit the site www.addesigner.com.

8.Through to pairs Banner
If exchange banners are usually free, then install this banner must pay. Usually sites - sites that attract banners cost is very famous and many visitors. Detik.com even just to put banner ads cost reaches millions of dollars per month. If you have rizki excess, may try this one tip.

How to offline promotion

1.Card Name
Never forget to always include your blog address on business card.

2.Through to Stickers
Make a nice sticker and paste your blog address and then distributed for free.

3.Through to Brochure
If you ever make a brochure, then do not forget to insert your blog address.

4.Writing articles in the mass media
If you ever write an article or news in newspapers, magazines or other media, it never hurts to include the address of your blog.

5.Seminar speaker
If you have a chance to speak in public, do not forget to call your name and address of your blog!

Good luck...!!


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