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Monday, 23 January 2012


If you have problem about back up your blogger.maybe this good solution.After experiencing the event LOSS blog that yesterday was, it just knows how important it is to backup our blog. After rolling,get rolling finally also a service for backing up our blog, which is in blogbackuponline. With this service we can easily back up your blog there for free. But these services only provide space of 5 MB (kok bit yes). But do not worry walopun only 5 MB but I think enough to back up the data our blog. If we post it on average 1000 characters, then it is sufficient to back up to 5000 posts, quite right. But for the FREE version or free we can not back up data in the form of pictures and video. We can only back up the articles we post it.

How? your data interested to backup? The way is easy, namely:

1. Go to the website https: / / www.blogbackuponline.com and register yourself there. After registering you will receive a shipment email to activate your account km.
2. If has been actively logged into the website. Once logged in then immediately register your blog address that is by clicking the button "Start Registering Your Blog".
3. Enter your blog address km in the box provided, then click the "Register Blog"
4. After that, then wait for the backup. then select the "Start Full Backup", Done deh.

Then how do I restore our data?
For the paid version, very easy and can be done automatically by pressing the restore menu. But for the FREE version, we can only get the data of our posts. Do I go to "Dashboard" then click the "Manage" then select the "Content". Nha's where all the data posting located.quite right, rather than having to retype ampe tired mending hand, copy paste. Anyway what we remember all of the content of our posts? yes to?

OK Good luck ..........


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