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Monday, 9 January 2012

SQLI Helper Tutorial - A Must Read Article

Today I am going to show you people how to use SQLi Helper to Hack a Website. The SQLi Helper is a tool used to do all the work automatically which a Hacker would have to do manually. That make it a very popular tool among script-Kiddies as well as Pros.

You can download the SQLi Helper from Here.
It should look this this:

Now the First Step is to give the Target site like http://targethost.com/expoit.php?id=1 (Note: This is not the real site). After you give  the target site click on the Inject button.

And then click on the Get Database Button.

Now the following Information will be available about the Host:

Now to take the attack forward choose a Database from the Database Name column and click on the Get Table button.

Now we Have the names of the Tables. Now we need to know the Columns of the Tables which contain sensitive information. For that we will choose the Table admininfo to get columns.

To get Columns select the Table and click on the Get Column Button.

Now we have the Names of the Columns shown below:

Now select the one which seems important and click on the Dump Now Button.
And then a New Windows will open that will Dump the Data that is in those Columns. Like Show Below:

After we have got this Sensitive Information, we can use online MD5 cracker to crack the Password Hash and access the Website with Administrative Privilege.


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