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Friday, 20 April 2012

Add Blogger Search Box Code

The Google Navigation bar at the top of your Blogger blogs has an embedded search box. However, you may want to include a similar box in the main body of your blog (like what I have done), or the sidebar. Other than the convenience for users, the added advantage is that unlike Google search box, the search results of this Blogger.com search box appear in the main body of your Blog.

Under Template->Page Elements tab, click “Add a Page Element” at the place where you want your search box to appear. Select “HTML/JavaScript”.

There are several HTML codes posted on the net. I tried a few, and found the one that works as follows:-
<p align="left">
<form id="searchthis" action="YOUR BLOG URL/search" style="display:inline;" method="get">
<strong>NAME OF YOUR BLOG<br/></strong>
<input id="b-query" maxlength="255" name="q"size="20" type="text"/>
<input id="b-searchbtn" value="Search"type="submit"/>

Remember to change YOUR BLOG URL to the URL or web address of your Blog. Also, change the NAME OF YOUR BLOG to that which you want to call your site. For instance, if your Blog Name is long, you may want to write something like “Search Here” or “Search this site”.

You can also change the “Search” button to say, “Hit” or “Go”, by changing theValue.

Save the code and refresh your page. If you want a longer or shorter search box, you can play around with the size. The above example of a width size="20" andvalue="Hit" will give you this:-
Search Here

Whereas a width size="30" and value="Go" will give you this:-
Search Here

The size of the search box is a matter of appearance. You may have noticed that the maxlength="255". This indicates that a user may enter up to 255 characters in the search box, which I think is sufficient and need not be altered.


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