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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Download torrent via IDM or any other download manager

As you all know Torrific.com in no longer available. So this is a problem to all those user who like to download torrent via IDM.
Let me introduce you with www.zbigz.com . This is another site like Torrific.com.
For download torrent via IDM or any other download manager follow those step -
step 1 : download any torrent from www.kat.ph / www.extratorrent.com/www.thepiratesbay.com or any other site. (n.b- always choose highest seed-peer torrent for better service)
step 2 : go to http://www.zbigz.com/ and register free account. After register click on upload and upload the torrent file what just download then select GO Free !
download torren by download manager
step 3 : Now zbigz.com will upload that torrent file to their own server and provide you a different download link for download with internet download manager or any other download manager.
torrent download by download manager
step 4 : After showing Ready for download click on download button then click on Limited-speed free
torrent download by idm
All done & now Download will be started with download manager


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