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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hacking – Simple tips to safeguard your computer at risk

Computer hacking is basically associated with the bad acts of secretly invading others computers and messing with the data or programs. It’s a malicious act performed by expert programmers who exploit the weaknesses of the network and try to hack others system to harm the files or data, retrieve confidential information for personal or professional gain or write viruses. The security of the computer depends on various elements; so if any of the elements is affected, the security will get exploited.

Best & Simple Tips to Protect your Computer from Hackers

Let’s understand how one can secure and protect their computers from being attacked.

1. Make use of Antivirus software

This could be the first step to the protection of your computer. The Antivirus software detects any possible threat and stops before it reach to your computer thereby, preventing any unauthorized access. You need to choose the best antivirus available and make sure to scan your system once a week for the viruses. E.g. Norton, McAfee, Quick Heal, etc.

2. Turn on the ‘Firewall’

As the name suggests, it works as a wall and prevent your computer from being accessed over internet without permission. In other words, Firewall is defined as a set of programs which are designed to protect unauthorized access to your network. You need to make sure that your ‘firewall’ is on before connecting to the internet.

3. Make use of Anti Spyware Software

Spyware is a kind of software which secretly gathers information about user’s activities on computer such as browsing or surfing history, user’s login, personal information, etc. With the use of Anti Spyware Software your computer will detect and remove the spywares and also avoid installation of these programs. E.g. Ad-Aware, etc.

4. Internet and E-mail Security

Most hackers make use of email to transmit suspicious software to your computer. To prevent this type of hacking, one must not open any email (esp. Spam email) or any type of attachment from an unknown source. Also, one need to be extra cautious while downloading anything from an unknown source.

5. Software updates

As new viruses and threats are created by hackers, it’s very crucial to get the latest software updates and install the latest version of apps in order to protect your computer from digital destruction.

6. Windows update

You need to make use of the best OS to ensure security and protection. You just have to keep your windows updated by setting your windows security software to check for updates automatically. It will not only cure bugs but will also add some new and latest features required for computer protection.

7. Set password

This is also one way to prevent unauthorized access. All the user accounts should be password protected with a strong password.

8. Data back-up

You must make a copy of your data and save it online as if by any chance, data gets corrupted or damaged by a virus; you can use your important back-up files.
These are simple yet effective tips and tricks used against hacking. Following these tips will definitely help user from defending attack from hackers or viruses.


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