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Thursday, 23 August 2012

JustBeenPaid Now is ProfitClicking

I know that many members are shocked when they open JustBeenPaid and they see JustBeenPaid has been changed to Profit Clicking. But JustBeenPaid is still same after changed to be Profit Clicking, JustBeenpaid still paying you for your investment and your money and positions on your JustBeenPaid account will be transfered to Profit Clicking. Look at the image above when i access JustBeenPaid site.
Is JustBeenPaid being SCAM program?

I think no, JustBeenPaid just changed their name without SCAM all members. All money on your old account wil be return on Profit Clicking account, so you can log in using your JustBeenPaid account.By the way Profit Clicking is still under construction, so you can't log in to Profit Clicking site before the site 100% complete a construction.

Is my money on JustBeenPaid Lose?

No, you just need to be patient. On JustBeenPaid the patient thing is very important, because many people using JustBeenPaid. Your money and your positions will be transfered to Profit Clicking.Note: Don't you register a new account, because you can using your JustBeenPaid account.

I am so panic, because i trust JustBeenPaid

Yes, i am. When i want to login to my account, JustBeenPaid has been changed to Profit Clicking. I am shocked, but i always follow the group on facebook and get the answer like the two answer above.

Ok, don't be panic everyone. JustBeenPaid will always working to make this site 100% ready to access. by the way we only need to be patient.


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