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Monday, 23 January 2012


What is Networked Blogs? Networked Blogs is a social networking site based service directory which is a third-party applications within Facebook. The owner Ninua, Inc., a Delaware corporations.

Here you can register a website or blog in the network directory that is owned by the networked blogs. Registration can say quite easily, the important thing is you have to have a facebook account.

Function ranging from socialization blog that you have to also be the means of promotion, no problemo.

Just curious regritasi to be user entered into the website:http://networkedblogs.com/

CLICK Add Your Blog, and then will be directed into your facebook, sign in with your facebook account we have, kemudaian register your blog.

In order to receive your blog there are 2 ways:
1. Invite some people to follow your blog.
2. Attach the widget in your blog, to how instant. When the widget has been in the pairs in the clear re also not a problem. Networked blogs actually just checked the blog that you register it is true belongs to you. This is evident if the widget can be installed in your blog, it means you are the true owners of blogs because only the owner has access into these blogs, widgets and put the script networked blogs.

Good Luck..


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