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Monday, 23 January 2012


Did you know with Sweeva? Sweeva is a search tool traffic to your blog or website. Sweeva using the concept of exchange links or link exchange. However Sweeva more unique than a link exchange or banner exchange others already known as EasyHits4U, Traffic Swarm and so forth. What is unique is to use a model of Sweeva likes and dislikes, aka Social Browsing. This means we will together with other members to explore the many websites / blogs to provide suggestions and comments, including criticism.

Every blog / website that we want to promote must be registered in advance in advance. Register at Sweeva is free and can be upgraded for better service. The most fun is Sweeva for Apple iPad made-for us who refer others to join. Who wants? yuk soon list on Sweeva.
Find Traffic Using Sweeva

The workings of Sweeva quite simple and fun. For those of you who have much time to online on the Internet this way is perfect for you to do. In addition to getting instant traffic also had a fairly good quality, and certainly that will visit your blog is really a person not a machine.

Sweeva Bid system (auction) means that every blog that you have registered will have its own assessment depending on the level of popularity. The higher you bid the better traffic you will receive. By using this system then Sweeva Bid will publish your blog based on the value of the bid that you specify later Sweeva other members will also determine the success of your bid.
Free Apple iPad of Sweeva

Want to have the iPad? wow, a new gadget from Apple has become a dream many people today. Have a unique capability and is very useful to improve the productivity of your online work. Sweeva will give it free for you if you successfully invite others to join. You will be provided with a promo tool in the form of affiliate links, banners and sample emails that you can use to woo colleagues and others to join.

The winner of this contest will get an Apple iPad for the most widely refer people. Second place will get $ 100 (one hundred dollars), third place will get a T-Shirt and Mug from Sweeva. Not only because 5 people will be randomly selected to get $ 10 with the number of referrals of more than 5 people. So join aja game to get a free opportunity that is very easy to do.


Great review. I use Linkvana myself and strongly recommend it to everyone.

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