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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Seven Quick Ways to Get Traffic to your New Blog

So you have setup your website, using popular CMS system or blogger, and now everything is setup but you do not have a main thing which is a traffic on your new blog. Getting traffic for new blogs/websites is difficult now days because competition has been increased in blogging since last 5 years, but don’t worry if you really satisfied with your new website then you can easily get the traffic to your blog, just follow the below tips and you will start getting visitors to your website.
Traffic to your New Blog

Update your Site Regularly

You need to post something latest and new to your website daily so you can attract visitors. Use keywords in your post but don’t spam your blog with keywords only try to use the high potential keywords in your sentences and it will attract visitors on to your website.

Post Link in a Forum Signature

Post your link in a forum signature that is related to your niche. Make sure that your post should be well maintained and informative so the users are going to click on your link also the post should be related to your niche of your website and the user is definitely going to click on your link.


Backlinks are also sometimes called ‘Incoming links’. Backlinks also helps you to keep track of webpages that redirect to your website/link . It will also ping your website to the search engines so be sure to build backlinks and these are the important aspect of SEO or getting visitors.

Submit your Link to Directories

Directories are the where all the websites of the same niche or category are together, For example you are searching for Technology related websites and you will go to any web directory and visit the Technology category and there you will see all the technology niche websites are there so It will help you find sites easier, so submit your website to link directories and It will attract visitors. Submitting your link to web directories also help to build backlinks.

Guest Writing/Article Submission

To attract more visitors you can also write guest articles for the blog and submit to the admin for the publishing of the article. Also make sure that for the blog you are writing article has great PR (Page rank) and also gets daily great visitors, so your guest article do not waste.

Classified Ads

This method requires you have to money. You can advertise your website to Google AdWords and other advertising networks so that your banner or link will be placed in front of thousands of visitors and half of them will definitely click on your link.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking your blog to social media websites such as StumbleUpon, Digg.com will definitely get your good amount of daily visitors to your website, so whenever you post quality content don’t forget to bookmark it to the great social bookmarkers. Below are the popular bookmarking website.
So above are the methods which will definitely work for bringing visitors to your website. Visitors means Money so you will also make more money. If you have applied the above methods then I am sure that you will increase your daily visitors.


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